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Conservation Planning and Research

Careful planning at the Design Stage is fundamental to procuring a high standard of Conservation Work. 


  • Design Stage services include:

  • Coordinated Investigation of Historic Buildings and Sites

  • Procurement of Investigation Work by Other Specialists

  • Building Archaeology, Recording and Analysis

  • Archival Research

  • Conservation Management Plans

  • Gazetteers and Inventories of Heritage Buildings

  • Condition Survey

  • Heritage Impact Assessments

  • Site trials and exemplars of conservation methods / materials

  • Materials Analysis and Procurement

  • Liaison and Negotiation with Statutory Authorities

Historic Building Repai

Historic Building Repair

Services and advice in the conservation of the built heritage 


Stone  ·   Brick  ·  Terracotta · Lime Mortars  · Sculpture


Practical Advice and Services in the Planning, Procurement and Execution of Work include:


  • Condition survey and Assessment

  • Recommendations on cleaning of stone masonry, brickwork and sculpture

  • Recommendations on repair work (repointing, grouting, indents, and replacement)

  • Identification and Appraisal of Repair Options

  • Sourcing suitable repair materials (including brick and stone)

  • Site trials and exemplars to determine best conservation methods and materials

  • Method statements for Conservation and Repair techniques

  • Procurement – Tender Documentation (Specifications and Method Statements)

  • Procurement – including Pre-qualification Questionnaires and Tender Evaluation

  • Statutory Consent – preparation and submission of applications and supporting documentation 

  • Contract / Site Phase input – Monitoring, Quality Control of Work; Detailed survey of building fabric

Building Archaeology & Ancient Monuments

Building Archaeology & Ancient Monuments

The practice combines experience from the fields of archaeology and building conservation, offering practical guidance in the conservation, interpretation and, where appropriate, the adaptation of ancient monuments, at all stages from Design to Site Work.

Services include:


  • Assessment & Analysis – identification of phases of construction, historic repair and re-use

  • Conservation Management Plans

  • Site Maintenance Regimes

  • Condition Survey – to identify defects and vulnerability, and the need for remedial work

  • Site Trials and Exemplars – to determine suitable methods and materials for remedial work

  • Interpretation and Display – guidance on how to interpret sites and monuments

  • Preventive Conservation of Ruins – Options Appraisal (reburial; enclosure; reconstruction)

  • Heritage Impact Assessments

  • Statutory Consents – negotiation; submission of applications and supporting documentation

Sculpture & Decorative Detail

Sculpture & Decorative Detail

Catherine Woolfitt has practical experience of sculpture conservation in both the museum and building conservation sectors, and specialises in stone, brick, terracotta and lime-based materials.


Practical guidance is provided on cleaning and repair methods and materials appropriate to sculpture and decorative building detail, especially in an external environment. 


  • Recording, Analysis and Investigation

  • Guidance on methods that may be useful including photography, 3D laser scanning, and non-destructive testing (NDT) methods

  • Condition Survey – causes of deterioration, weathering patterns; identification of materials

  • Treatment Options – for remedial conservation work including cleaning and repair

  • Site Trials and Exemplars – to assess options, remedial work methods and materials

  • Input at All Project Stages from Planning / Design to Site Work

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