Building Archaeology & Ancient Monuments

The practice combines experience from the fields of archaeology and building conservation, offering practical guidance in the conservation, interpretation and, where appropriate, the adaptation of ancient monuments, at all stages from Design to Site Work.

Services include:


  •        Assessment & Analysis – identification of phases of construction, historic repair and re-use
  •        Conservation Management Plans
  •        Site Maintenance Regimes
  •        Condition Survey – to identify defects and vulnerability, and the need for remedial work
  •        Site Trials and Exemplars – to determine suitable methods and materials for remedial work
  •        Interpretation and Display – guidance on how to interpret sites and monuments
  •        Preventive Conservation of Ruins – Options Appraisal (reburial; enclosure; reconstruction)
  •        Heritage Impact Assessments
  •        Statutory Consents – negotiation; submission of applications and supporting documentation


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